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Remote Control enables you to connect to all monitored computers and control any remote or console session.

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Instant control at your finger tips

Remote Control for Windows systems

Use Pulseway Remote Desktop Client or Pulseway Dashboard to connect to any active remote desktop sessions or to the console session on the remote computer. Right click a system and select "Start Remote Desktop Session" to get started.

File transfer

Secure and Easy File Transfer

You can now send and receive files from both the source and the destination computer. It's as simple as selecting a file and clicking on the arrow on the top of the dialogue to initiate the transfer.
File transfer

active user session

Connect to any active user session

Connecting to the console session will allow you to take control of the computer as if you were sitting in front of it. On the other hand, if you connect to a Remote Desktop session you can assist users that are making use of the server resources through Remote Desktop (formerly known as Terminal Services).

Take control

See remote screen, send key strokes and control mouse inputs as if you were using your own computer. The connection is encrypted and does not require you to open any ports or create any firewall rules.

active user session

Multiple Screens

Choose the monitor that you want to view and switch between the available monitors whenever you want, during the session.

Remote Control From Your Phone

Remote in and take control of your systems straight from the Pulseway iOS or Android mobile app. Allowing you to take care of issues regardless of your location without having to carry your laptop.

What Customers Are Saying

Pulseway delivers a top class Remote Control solution that lets us connect to any monitored computer without any configuration, whatsoever. From a security perspective, this is a great way for us to extend support to our consultants and partners when remote access is required. The introduction of Remote Control has made Pulseway the complete package as far as monitoring and management solutions go.

Scott Weaver,
Founder, SCHEMA Networks.

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