Pulseway 8.4

September 2020

Remote Control for macOS

Pulseway Remote Control now covers both Windows and macOS offering customers an all-in-one remote monitoring and management solution.

Remote Control for macOS

Extend Your RMM With Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you extend RMM functionality with data fields that matter to you. You can use custom fields to collect information from systems that later on will determine the execution flow of automation workflows or you can use them to store the state of your self-remediation strategy. You can use a system-scoped custom field to store the OS release number and then use an automation script that based on the release number it will download and install the appropriate feature update. A global-scoped custom field will have only one value on the entire Pulseway instance and would come in handy should you want to have a workflow send an email should multiple systems go offline in a short period of time.

Custom Fields Custom Fields

Automation Workflows Tokens

Drop placeholder tokens into the Send Email automation workflow action that will be replaced with the system name, agent group, organization, notification details and more.

Backup Job Details

Third Party Patching Now Supports 113 Titles

We continue to add new titles to 3rd Party Patch Management application catalog, with 5 added since the last update:

  • Atom (portable)
  • SourceTree
  • Jabra Direct
  • Tortoise Git
  • Greenshot
3rd Party Patch Management Titles

Pulseway 8.3.1

August 2020

Ticketing Webapp Integration

To further our integration with Pulseway PSA, in addition to your Mobile Apps you can now access your service desk from the Pulseway Webapp. Improve the efficiency and productivity of your technicians by allowing them to view, edit and create tickets with just a few clicks. This allows tickets to be updated in real time, without having to switch platforms, saving you time and making you more efficient.

Webapp Ticketing Workflows

Cloud Backup Improvements

Get a detailed view of your Backup Job history with our re-designed Backup Details page.

Backup Job Details

Third Party Patching Now Supports 108 Titles

We continue to add new titles to 3rd Party Patch Management application catalog, with 5 added since the last update – these include ShareX, Amazon Coretto, LogMeIn Client, Process Hacker and WinMerge.

3rd Party Patch Management Titles

Pulseway 8.3

July 2020

Introducing Ticketing inside Pulseway RMM

To further our integration with Pulseway PSA, you can now access your service desk from any mobile device via Pulseway mobile apps. Improve the efficiency and productivity of your technicians by allowing them to view, edit and create tickets with just a few taps wherever they are. This allows tickets to be updated in real time, without having to switch platforms, saving you time and making you more efficient. In the second stage of this, we will be rolling out ticketing to the Web App and adding integrations to Zendesk.

Automation Workflows Automation Workflows

More Customization for Automation with Variables

To further give you more depth and options, you can enhance your automation by utilizing inputs and outputs from your scripts to use as custom field values in the workflow. This gives you more control as you can use variables gathered from outside the tool to dynamically control auto-remediation execution paths.

iPad Split View

Third Party Patching Now Supports 102 Titles

We continue to add new titles to 3rd Party Patch Management application catalog, with 18 added since the last update – these include InkScape, CutePDF Writer, Splashtop and VMware Tools.

3rd Party Patch Management Titles

Pulseway 8.2

June 2020

Enhance Your Automation with Custom Fields

After the release of Automation Workflows, our auto-remediate engine, we are excited to introduce Custom Fields, which allows you to use custom fields in your workflow condition rules to create more robust execution paths. On top of that, you can update custom field values with the new Change Custom Field Value action.

Automation Workflows

iPad Multitasking (Split-View)

You can now use two apps at the same time, for example, you can view your Pulseway systems while writing an email to your colleague.

iPad Split View

86 3rd Party Patch Management Titles

Microsoft Edge, GIMP and 9 more titles have joined the officially supported 3rd party application catalog.

3rd Party Patch Management Titles

Pulseway 8.1

May 2020

Central Tag Management

Introducing an all-new way of managing tags with our latest list design, giving you a complete central overview of all your tags, and allowing you to easily manage them. See all the machines associated with a tag, and effortlessly add new systems using the intuitive search option.

Tags Redesigned

Automation: End Workflows Step

You can now stop a workflow at any stage using the 'End Workflow' step. This action will also allow you to determine the outcome of the workflow by selecting 'Success' or 'Fail'.

New Workflow Action

Pulseway 8.0

April 2020

Introducing Automation Workflows

Introducing the full release of Automation Workflows, which brings auto-remediation to your Pulseway platform. Workflows are an extension of notifications that will automatically perform remediation actions based on steps that are defined and customized by you. With an intuitive workflow builder, your resolution process can be as comprehensive as you need, so that you can cover all scenarios and outcomes.

Automation Workflows

Centralizing Patch Management and Antivirus Policies

In addition to Endpoint Policies, centrally apply your patching and antivirus policies to your Organizations, Sites or Agent Groups, allowing newly enrolled endpoints to automatically assign configured policies without manual intervention.

Addon Policies

75 Third-Party Patching Titles and Growing

Our third-party patching catalog continues to grow, with the addition of Microsoft Office 2019 Professional suite of applications and WeChat, brings the total to 75 out of the box supported titles. In addition to these titles, you can also use our custom titles module to patch unique applications that are specific to your business.

Addon Policies

Pulseway 7.5.1

March 2020

Launch Remote Control from the Web Application

You can now remote into any user session directly from the Web Application. From the system details page, select the Remote Control option, and choose the session you want to connect to. The Remote Control App will securely connect you to that session.

Launch Remote Control from the Web Application

Automation Workflows Preview 2

Automation Workflows Preview 2 now supports more triggers like Low Memory, Service Stopped and Low Hard Disk Space and more actions including Start, Stop and Restart Windows Services, Add and Remove Tags.

Automation Workflows Preview 2

Pulseway 7.5

February 2020

Brand New Automation Workflow Preview 1

Pulseway releases the Preview 1 of the brand new Automation Engine. The release will combine workflow auto-remediation technology with the simplicity and ease-of-use of Pulseway. In Preview 1, users will have the ability to create workflows and set up triggers for high usage of CPU to get a sneak peek at how the final release will look like at the end of March.

Brand New Automation Workflow Preview 1

Support for Custom Third Party Titles Patching

With the new addition of Custom Third Party Software Titles Patching, internal IT departments and MSPs can now customize their security and patching practices by adding unique software titles that are applicable to their own IT environments. Pulseway users can simply add a URL to the application installer of their custom title and add some rule definitions, and the third party application will be added to the list for patching automation.

Support for Custom Third Party Titles Patching

Introducing Pulseway MSP Toolkit 2.0

MSP Toolkit 2.0 gives instant access to a huge library of tools, templates and information, training guides on Google Ads and other digital channels and real-time self assessment tools that will evaluate an MSP service offering and pricing strategy compared to their local competitors. In addition Pulseway partnered with industry experts like TruMethods’ Gary Pica deliver unique training material for all Pulseway partners. The new Toolkit comes at no extra cost and is available to all Pulsew ay MSP customers.

Pulseway MSP Toolkit 2.0 will include:

  • Expert Training Videos
  • MSP Assessment Platform
  • Pre-built Email Templates
  • White-Labeled Service Brochures
  • Design Studio
  • Pricing Guides
  • Modern Marketing Training
  • Sales Training
Introducing Pulseway MSP Toolkit 2.0

Editing Scopes from your Pulseway Android App

Android users can now edit scopes straight from their mobile phones with the latest version of Pulseway Android App.

Editing Scopes from your Pulseway Android App

Pulseway 7.0

December 2019

Introducing the All-New, Integrated Cloud Backup

Pulseway Cloud Backup features seamless backup support for workstations and servers and offers control from both a web-based console and from iOS and Android mobile applications.

Pulseway Cloud Backup delivers a clean and easy-to-use interface that allows users to check backup statuses, calculate backup health score, schedule backup jobs, and recover data for physical and virtual servers, workstations and documents. This new feature helps organizations ensure that their data is always protected.

New hardware sensors and GPU monitoring

Support for New Hardware Sensors and GPU

We've added support for new motherboard chipsets, new AMD processors and AMD / NVIDIA Graphics Card monitoring.

New hardware sensors and GPU monitoring

Pulseway 6.7.2

November 2019

Multi-Monitor Support for Mobile Remote Control

To follow up on the feedback on the Mobile Remote Control launch, we have now added support for Multi-Monitor selection for both iOS and Android apps. Seamlessly switch between screens while controlling the machine from your mobile device.

Multi-Monitor Support for Mobile Remote Control

Pulseway 6.7

November 2019

Mobile Remote Control for the Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

Introducing the brand new Mobile Remote Control built directly into the mobile app. Thanks to the new release, Pulseway customers can now access files and applications, and help users and control remote systems as if they were sitting right in front of it from anywhere at any time.

Pulseway Mobile Remote Control enables a simple, reliable, and fluid remote access to any monitored systems for unattended support. Built using a proprietary protocol optimized for best performance, it allows the user to control any user session on the computer. No need to open ports to access the systems, Pulseway handles the communication for its users while keeping all the traffic encrypted end-to-end. The new feature can be accessed through the built-in Remote Control feature in the Computer Details section.

Remote Control on mobile apps image

New 3rd Party Software Titles Added

We've added the following new software titles to our 3rd party patch management catalog:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Backup and Sync
  • Malwarebytes
  • OpenVPN
  • TreeSize Free
  • Zoom

Pulseway 6.6

October 2019

Enforce 2FA for All User Accounts

Following up on the 2FA update last month you can now secure your Pulseway instance by enforcing two factor authentication for all user accounts. You can enable the setting from the WebApp on the Server Admin -> Settings page under the Security tab.

You can also reduce the number of two factor authentication prompts for the Remote Control app (desktop app update pending).

Finally, we've added support for restricting access to the Pulseway Dashboard and Pulseway Remote Control apps if a user account doesn't have two factor authentication enabled.

Enforce 2FA setup image

Remote Control (Beta) Is Now Available for the Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

You can now remote in and take control of any user session straight from the app. Android app is going to be released soon.

Remote Control for iOS

New 3rd Party Software Titles Added

We've added the following new software titles to our 3rd party patch management catalog:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Business (all apps)
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business - Access
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business - Excel
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business - OneNote
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business - Outlook
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business - PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business - Publisher
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business - Word
  • Microsoft Teams
  • 7-zip (64-bit)
  • Evernote
  • FileZilla
  • LibreOffice
  • Skype for Business
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Git
  • OpenOffice
  • Visual Studio Code
  • GoToMeeting
  • Foxit Reader
  • Citrix Workspace 19
  • AdoptJDK
  • AdoptJRE

Pulseway 6.5

August 2019

Introducing a New Enhanced Version of Two-factor Authentication

We have introduced the newly enhanced 2FA. Two factor authentication (2FA) is an additional security layer that will require an additional step to access your account or perform certain operations.

You can opt to receive Push notifications on your mobile apps to approve authentication requests or use a TOTP app (Time-based One-Time Passcode) like Google Authenticator, Authy or 1Password.

We also generate a few backup codes which you can keep safe in the event where you don't have access to your mobile devices and you need to access your account. These codes can only be used once.

Learn how to get started with 2FA here.

Pulseway 6.4

July 2019

Remote Desktop User Chat

We've added live chat to Remote Desktop so you can collaborate with the person sitting in front of the remote computer. Chat can be initiated by the Pulseway operator or the person who's computer is remotely controlled.

Learn how to get started with User Chat here.

The Android Application Now Supports German

The application will now automatically switch to German if your phone's language is set to German.

Pulseway 6.3.3

June 2019

Export Reports in CSV Format

To improve the reporting functionality within Pulseway, we've added support for generating Pulseway reports into the CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. This lets you export metrics into a machine-readable format allowing you to build custom visualizations and report layouts using tools like Microsoft Excel.

Additional 3 Party Patching Titles

The following titles have been added with this release: 7-zip (64-bit), Evernote, FileZilla, LibreOffice and Skype for Business. For the full list of titles supported click here.

Pulseway 6.3.2

May 2019

Remote Desktop File Transfer

You can now send and receive files from both the source and the destination computer. It's as simple as selecting a file and clicking on the arrow on the top of the dialogue to initiate the transfer.

The newly added File Transfer feature can be accessed from the main menu of the remote desktop session window. In order to establish a remote desktop session, you can either use the Pulseway Dashboard or Pulseway Remote Desktop application.

Additional 3rd Party Titles

We are continuing to add more and more titles for our 3rd Party Management engine. This release includes the following titles:

Java JDK 8 - update 201 (32 bit), Java JDK 8 - update 201 (64 bit), Putty (32 bit), Putty (64 bit), Skype, WinRar (32 bit), WinRar (64 bit), Git, PDFCreator, CCleaner

System Scopes Access Changes

We have tightened the access to system scopes and team members will only be able to see the scopes where their team has access to all the systems in that scope. Administrators will continue to have unrestricted access across all system scopes and Pulseway features while user-defined teams will see just the scopes that are relevant to their current access level. Additionally, users who are not on the Administrators team will no longer have the ability to create or modify system scopes.

Automation Tasks and Scheduled Reports Changes

Tasks and reports visibility has also changed to show the entries that are configured using system scopes that the user’s team has access to. In addition to the scope check, we’ve also introduced a “Run as Team” setting for scheduled tasks and reports that will allow you to specify a team which will be used as an additional filter on top of the system scopes. Basically, “Run as Team” setting will allow scheduled tasks and reports to run only on the systems accessible to that team.

Automation tasks executions will filter out the systems that the currently logged user’s team doesn’t have access to. On the other hand, generated reports will only be shown to the team members of the user who ran the report and the administrators.

Pulseway 6.3

April 2019

Introducing 3rd Party Patch Management

We have been listening and are thrilled to announce the introduction of our 3rd Party Patch Management module, which is designed to keep software up to date by plugging the vulnerabilities as soon as fixes are released. It has been designed with simplicity in mind and blends with our OS patch management module to ensure that your systems are patched and kept up to date.

Deploy commonly used software such as Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java Runtime Environment and more and we will make sure they stay up to date. Want to remove a piece of software? Just select the product name and mark it to be uninstalled and you’re done.

To get started, select some 3rd party software titles to be deployed, updated or uninstalled then configure the schedule on which patching will run and you’re ready to go.

And at the end of the month, generate patch report to see your patch compliance across your IT infrastructure and quickly identify the systems and software that needs to be updated to the latest version.

Additional titles added on 1st May 2019: 7-zip, Citrix Receiver, Citrix Workspace, Google Chrome, Java(TM) SE Development Kit 11 (64 bit)

Supported titles with this release: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Windows, iTunes for Windows, Java SE Runtime Environment 7 (32-bit), Java SE Runtime Environment 7 (64-bit), Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (32-bit), Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (64-bit), Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 for Windows, Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 for Windows, Mozilla Firefox x64 for Windows, Mozilla Firefox x86 for Windows, Notepad++ x64 for Windows, Notepad++ x86 for Windows, QuickTime for Windows, TeamViewer 13 for Windows, TeamViewer 14 for Windows, VMware Workstation Player, VMware Workstation Pro for Windows, WinZip for Windows.

Pulseway 6.2

January 2019

Introducing ConnectWise Integration, MSP Toolkit and More:

  1. Pulseway now integrates with ConnectWise Manage
  2. Introducing the Pulseway MSP Toolkit
  3. New report template: Automation Task Outputs

1. Pulseway now integrates with ConnectWise Manage

The Pulseway integration to ConnectWise Manage drives service desk efficiency by:

  • Mapping Pulseway Organizations, Sites and Agent Groups to ConnectWise companies
  • Automatic service ticket creation within ConnectWise Manage (less work for the mutual partner)

2. Introducing the Pulseway MSP Toolkit

We are excited to launch our new MSP Toolkit, which is now available to all of our Team customers in the Pulseway Web App. The MSP Toolkit was designed to help our MSP customers to:

  • Generate new leads through digital marketing
  • Win new business with analytical sales and assessment proposals
  • Cross-sell extra services to their existing clients
  • Various other tips and tutorials for growth and expansion

The MSP Toolkit will continue to develop and expand its resources to further help Pulseway customers grow their business.

3. New report template: Automation Task Outputs

Last Task Execution Report template creates a report containing all the scripts outputs included in the task being executed. You can execute tasks with scripts that collect system info, perform an action and report on the result of the execution.

What’s new in Pulseway 6.1

December 2018

This release introduces several enhancements to the 6.0 major release:

  1. Team system level access exceptions
  2. Stand alone policies
  3. Ability to filter notifications based on organizations, sites, agent groups and priorities

1. Team System Level Access Exceptions

Based on the feedback we have received from you on the 6.0 release, we are introducing system level access exceptions for teams. This feature is particularly useful when you want to grant a specific access level to a system group but want certain systems in that group to have a different access level.

By clicking the “Configure Exceptions” button, you can overwrite the access level for each system in the agent group:

After applying the changes, the exceptions will be highlighted in the group:

2. Policies

Policies are now stand-alone and reusable across organizations, sites and groups. The policies can also be inherited so you could assign a policy to an organization and have all the sites and agent groups inherit that policy. As well, you can overwrite a parent policy at a site or agent group level.

As soon as a policy is assigned it will take no more than a minute to be applied to all the agents.

3. Notification Filters

You can now filter the notifications you receive at the account level based on organization, sites, agent groups and notification priority.

The notification filters can be set for all organizations, can be inherited and you can also overwrite the filter at an organization, site or agent group level. With the notification filters you can refine the amount of email and push notifications you receive to only the ones that matter mostly to you. It’s worth noting that the alerts will still trigger and you will still be able to review them in the notification list but you can choose not to be notified by push or email for the ones that are not important.

Grow better with Pulseway 6.0 (Scale)

September 2018

Welcome to Pulseway 6.0, where we created a seamless environment that is going to make your experience a lot more streamlined.


We’ve made a lot of exciting changes

We’ve changed the way you organize, deploy agents and collaborate with your team.

  • The structure is now broken down into Organizations, Sites and Groups. Allowing you to organize your IT environment a lot more efficiently.
  • Whenever you deploy new agents via network discovery, they’ll automatically join the organization where the probe exists, with set configurations already in place.
  • User accounts will now belong to Teams, with set access rights to organizations.
  • All users can collaborate on automation, patch management, reporting and billing, streamlining your operations and improving productivity.