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Monitor and control your desktops or servers from absolutely
any device. With the free account you can monitor up to 2 systems.

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Monitor in Real-Time

Pulseway Free offers monitoring for up to two computers that run on Windows, Linux or Mac. In real-time you’ll be able to view CPU temperature, Network and RAM usage, and much more.

Get Instant Notifications

Get an instant alert the moment something goes wrong. You can completely customise the alerting within the Pulseway agent so that you only get meaningful notifications.

Take Complete Control

Execute commands in the terminal, run Windows updates, restart, shutdown, suspend or hibernate your machine, quit processes and more all from your smartphone.

Automate Your Tasks

Schedule IT tasks to run on your machines on a recurring basis. This means you no longer need to manually execute mundane maintenance tasks, they will be automatically done for you in the background.

Access from absolutely any device.

True cross platform experience lets you monitor your desktops and servers from absolutely any device.

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Getting started is extremely easy

1  Setup the agents

To start testing Pulseway you'll need to deploy the agents onto your Windows, Linux or Mac systems.

2  Setup the mobile app

Pulseway was built from scratch to run on mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones – even watches and it's available on all platforms.

3  Play around

Pulseway is full of extensive features and tools, so take your time and enjoy the experience.

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