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MSP Look to the Cloud for Growth and Profits
13 Oct 2016

MSP Look to the Cloud for Growth and Profits

Most MSPs may have their hands full managing client's on-premises infrastructure and even still handling break/fix. But increasingly forward thinking MSPs are crafting cloud services and pitching them to customers as a way to modernize their infrastructure.
At the same time, MSPs are increasingly using the cloud to help run their own business and for service delivery.

Customize your Pulseway experience with the REST API and the Cloud API
03 Mar 2016

Customize your Pulseway experience with the REST API and the Cloud API

If you've used Pulseway for a while, you might have asked yourself about implementing some of your own custom monitors or adding some features that are unique to your environment that aren't covered by Pulseway's extensive feature list.
The way to customize Pulseway is to take advantage of the REST API, which allows you to interact with your monitored instances in real time. The Cloud API allows you to monitor and control your cloud applications and cloud service instances. All you need to get started is an API Token and access to the programming or scripting language of your choice. ...

Introducing the New SaaS Enterprise Server
15 May 2015

Introducing the New SaaS Enterprise Server

The SaaS Enterprise Server gives you complete control over your environment and users.
Pulseway SaaS Enterprise has been launched. The new SaaS-based Enterprise Server has all of the same features as the self-hosted version of our Enterprise Server, but we host the server for you to make it even easier to adopt enterprise monitoring and share management tasks among your team members. ...

Pulseway Cloud API diagram
01 Mar 2014

Supercharge Pulseway with the Cloud API

Setting up Pulseway to work with your work computer, server, or virtual machine is quite easy. But what happens when you want to supercharge your Pulseway setup and go to the next level?

That's where the Pulseway API comes in.

With our Cloud API you can monitor and control all your cloud app/service instances. With a few lines of code, you can integrate Pulseway monitoring and remote management directly into your apps or services.

What's the advantage of using the Pulseway API? ...